It was a nice morning snorkeling at Cristo Rei today.

The water in the shallows were silty, but once you were about 40 meters from shore, the water was crystal clear with a depth of only 1.5 meters for another 50 meters until you reach the canyons and see the bigger fish. We saw a school of unicorn fish, some small puffer fish, and many many gobies, but the highlight was following two squid as the swam along eyeing us suspiciously.

I brought some new folks out to enjoy the sea – I think they are hooked, and are talking about buying some gear and exploring on their own next weekend.

Contact me if you would like to organize a tour to introduce you to some of the snorkeling in Timor-Leste.


Jesus’ Goat Path

Jesus' Goat Path

Map Cristo Rei and Goat Path Hike

This fantastic 3.4 mile hike begins in the parking lot at the base of Cristo Rei, just outside of Dili.  Take the sidewalk as if you are going to the Statue.  After the first flight of stairs there is a flat stretch of sidewalk that runs about 200 meters before the stairs begin in earnest.

Cristo Rei Goat Path

The view along the peaks near Crisot Rei in Dil, Timor-Leste (East Timor).  You can just barely see the path to the top of the hills.

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Amazing Grace Trails

Amazing Grace Trails at Cristo Rei

Amazing Grace Trails at Cristo Rei. Looking back to the first saddle from the second trail choice.

The Amazing Grace trails are a fantastic way to get a serious workout, take in impressive views of the ocean and cliff sides and see unique parts of Timor a few minutes from town.  I have two routes identified below. Continue reading

Portuguese Beach

Portuguese Beach is approximately 10 miles  by car from the Lita Grocery Store in Dili.   Although many people make the short 3 mile drive to Cristo Rei and then take a nice hike over the hill to the beach.

There is a bit of mystery to the beach – the name.  Some call it Portuguese Beach, some call it Kiwi Beach and the Timorese people call it Cristo Rei Kotuk  (“Back of Cristo Rei”).

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Wherever expats can be found – there will be Hashing.  For those that don’t know, “Hashing” refers to running/walking clubs that can be found in over 3,000 cities around the world.  Hashing refers to “Hash House Harriers.”    Timor-Leste is no exception and has a strong Hash House Harriers club that finds a scenic location every weekend to take 50 – 75 people out for run/walks.

Cristo Rei Run in Dili, Timor-Leste (East Timor)

Cristo Rei Run in Dili, Timor-Leste (East Timor)

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Herd of Wild Something Fish at Cristo Rei

Big Fish at Cristo Rei

Big Fish at Cristo Rei. Timor-Leste

Sunday mornings are terrific here.  We took a 5 minute drive out to Cristo Rei and found a few surprises.

One surprise was that we were not the only people snorkeling today. There were no less than 5 total in the water.    I am glad to see that it the water is being appreciated.

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